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Integrated Power Solutions

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Utility Rebate Experts

Our team of experts are there to do all required paperwork with the utility companies to get every possible dollar in rebates to make these projects extremely affordable. Most of our clients pay little to no out of pocket costs for our services. 

Led Light Conversion

NEG offers a sustainable light source through its LED lighting system that is powerful and energy-efficient.

Demand Response

Demand response programs help address electrical grid capacity by managing customer demand. These programs provide financial incentives for reduced usage during peak times. 

Network Lighting and Controls

Networked lighting controls can save 35% or more of lighting energy use in commercial buildings while providing a host of additional capabilities and benefits,.

Building Management Systems                           

A building management system (BMS) provides automated precision to optimise the energy efficiency and occupant comfort of one or more buildings from a single digital interface.

Are you searching for long term energy efficiency and sustainability solutions?

We believe that embracing greater efficiency measures and utilizing renewable energy resources is key to sustainability.


Our comprehensive offerings are designed to help our customers optimize their energy use, lower costs, reduce carbon footprint, and support the environment.

We deliver work that is resilient, sustainable, energy-efficient and cost-controlled. In addition, the firm implements the next generation of technologies to meet clients’ needs budget, and standards. The work plan is seamless with customer service that is highly responsive to keep you at pace with the process and progress. 

Our finished projects spread over a wide variety of multi-disciplinary fields.

Our meticulous approach from execution to completion has earned us returning clients, company growth, and strong reputation in the energy sector.

Our Partners

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Let's Work Together

As a company founded on technology, NEG delivers cutting-edge solutions designed for your unique requirements.


We have yet to face an energy problem we couldn’t solve. Get in touch for a free consultation!

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