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Our Services

Led Light Conversion

NEG offers a sustainable light source through its LED lighting system that is powerful and energy-efficient. With these bulbs, consumers get affordable and budget-friendly solution having multiple years of lifespan. Learn More...

Network Lighting and Controls

Networked lighting controls can save 35% or more of lighting energy use in commercial buildings while providing a host of additional capabilities and benefits. Learn More...

Demand Response

Demand response programs help address electrical grid capacity by managing customer demand. These programs provide financial incentives for reduced usage during peak times. Learn More...

Building Management Systems

A building management system (BMS) provides automated precision to optimise the energy efficiency and occupant comfort of one or more buildings from a single digital interface. Learn More...

Solar Solutions

A solar energy system consists of solar panels, inverters, mounting frames, cabling, electrical switches, and monitoring equipment. Together, this equipment can transform your premises into a miniature power station! Learn More...

Peak Displacement

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Distributed Generation

By generating electricity in smaller amounts closer to end-users, we can dramatically increase energy efficiency, reduce carbon pollution, improve grid resiliency, and curtail the need for new transmission investments. Learn More...

Energy Storage

Energy storage is the capture of energy produced at one time for use at a later time to reduce imbalances between energy demand and energy production. Electricity cannot itself be stored on any scale, but it can be converted to other forms of energy which can be stored and later reconverted to electricity on demand. Learn More...

Peak Demand Management

Peak demand management is one of the best ways to help you uncover hidden costs, protect equipment from damaging conditions and reduce unscheduled downtime. Your building's infrastructure needs to be large enough to supply power at peak levels, so it is important to understand peak demand management. Learn More...

network lighting and controls
Demand Response
Building Management Systms
Peak Displacement
Distributes Generation
Energy Storage
Peak Demand Mngmt

EV Charging Station

Electric vehicle charging stations are an important aspect of EV ownership. An EV Charger will allow you to top up your electric vehicle in a fast and safe manner. Using top quality components that won’t break the bank, we provide exceptional installation service and aftercare. Learn More...

EV charging station

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Our Team of experts are there to do all required paperwork with the utility companies to get every possible dollar in rebates to make these projects extremely affordable. Most of our clients pay little to no out of pocket costs for our services. 


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